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The Company

Ameera Properties is a successful and expanding private property business with a portfolio of residential and commercial investment properties in Monaco, United Kingdom and Ireland.

It is also active in residential development, mostly in conjunction with partners.

Highly acquisitive, Ameera Properties has worked hard to improve the quality of its portfolio, its tenant base and to minimise voids. Many of the properties are located in London and Dublin prime locations, although the geographical net has widened considerably.

Our investment approach generally target entire buildings in exclusive conservation areas within the city centre of London, Dublin and touristic towns in the South of England with a good balance of rental yield and capital grown potential. Many buildings in our portfolio are Grade II or Protected Structure.

Recent acquisitions include properties in prestigious locations in central Dublin and Monaco,

Ameera Properties’s strategy is to spread risk over a large number of buildings and tenants in a wide range of business sectors.

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